Volunteer Spotlight: Virginia Duncan

A message from a 10-year CRPA member and extremely active volunteer Virginia Duncan. Her name should sound familiar to you. Virginia was the plaintiff in the Duncan v. Becerra law suit which led to the injunction that blocked Proposition 63 from taking effect.

“The CRPA fights strictly for the state of California. All the money stays here and goes directly to filing lawsuits, lobbying, hosting women’s events, holding classes to teach the proper understanding of firearms, and so much more. Share with your friends and family what the CRPA is doing and ask them to become members!

I also tell volunteers to be sympathetic and use kind words with people who are against the Second Amendment. Ask them why they are anti-gun. Usually it is because they fear what they do not know and what the media tends to confirm. I have converted many anti-gun leaning people by sharing how I grew up and how having a firearm by your side can save you, your family members and other people in harm’s way. I often remind them that so much damage can be done within the 5 minutes waiting for law enforcement to arrive. I ask them to take a class, allow me to educate them and sign up for at least one shooting event. I haven’t encountered one person who did not change their minds about firearms after taking a class. I also tell them how states that do not infringe our 2A rights have very low crime rates due to criminals knowing they can be shot.

If it wasn’t for my husband of over 30 years, Sean, I wouldn’t have been able to do the things I have done thus far to support and help preserve our Second Amendment rights. He stood by my side and I am so thankful for him.”

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