Yet another bill was introduced last week proposing Californians be limited to purchasing one long-gun per month.

SB-61 (Portantino) would prohibit law-abiding Californians from purchasing two or more long-guns in a 30 day period of time. This law already applies to handguns in the state.

This introduction comes as no surprise, as this kind of bill has been tried THREE times. All three times this idea has been tried, it has been vetoed by then-Governor, Jerry Brown.

Brown’s veto message for last session’s attempt at passing SB-1177 (Portantino) read as follows, “This bill prohibits any person from purchasing more than one long-gun per month. I vetoed a substantially similar bill in 2016, and my views have not changed.” The bill that Governor Brown was referring to was SB-497(Portantino).

Yes, you read that right. Senator Portantino is now trying this bill for the third time after picking up the idea from AB-1674 (Santiago).

All we can hope for is a similar response from our newly inducted Governor Newsom, or for the bill to die somewhere along the road to the Governor’s desk.


Watch CRPA Executive Director, Rick Travis, on Relentless with Dana Loesch discuss this matter.

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