With each new year, Californians can expect a new legislative session and a new sling of anti-2A bills.

Here’s an early look at what’s to come this coming year!

Assembly Bills

AB 18 (Levine): A bill that seeks to tax the sale of any semi-automatic firearm in order to fund “violence intervention and prevention activities”. A bill that proposes to take money from the hands of law-abiding gun purchasers and place it toward preventing “violence” presumes that the community that obtains these firearms legally are the ones who do the harm; when in reality it’s quite the opposite. As can be seen here. 

AB 12 (Irwin): A bill that aims to legislate and “enact legislation relating to gun violence and mental health”. We will keep an eye on this bill and its intentions for gun owners in California.

AB 61 (Ting): This bill seeks to expand and the implementation of a gun violence restraining orders in the state. It would allow for 6 months to file a petition for an ex parte, one-year, or renewed gun violence restraining order.

Stay tuned with CRPA for more updates from the Sacramento legislature.