The San Diego County Board of Supervisors took action in November to try to ban recreational shooting on lands known as Donohoe Flats and Pink Gate in San Diego. NRA and CRPA members spoke up and the NRA/CRPA attorneys have been working overtime with our long-standing contacts in the Department of Interior and Bureau of Land Management Offices to stop the actions of the Board of Supervisors.


Now we have word that the DOI has sent a letter to the Board of Supervisors to tell them they have no authority to try to stop target shooting on public lands. This is something that the NRA/CRPA attorneys told the Board in numerous letters and in public hearings, but they chose to ignore it. Now they are getting their hand slapped for trying to place local restrictions on federal lands without permission or consent.


NRA and CRPA have also sent a pre-litigation letter to the Board to force quick action in repealing this unconstitutional ordinance against the lawful activity. The combined efforts of NRA, CRPA, local concerned groups, individuals, and gun clubs made this happen. Gun owners throughout San Diego attended meetings and let officials know that this action is not lawful. NRA and CRPA thank all those activists for their efforts and this win!


We will post more information on the ordinance repeal as it develops.