The California Rifle & Pistol Association has joined with several other plaintiffs to file a lawsuit in federal court challenging the decision by the Del Mar Fair Board in San Diego County to ban gun shows at the Del Mar Fairgrounds.  The lawsuit was filed in U.S. District Court for the Southern District of California in San Diego.


The 41-page Complaint alleges that the Del Mar action has purposely violated the First Amendment free speech rights of the plaintiffs and constitutes a prior restraint on speech, along with the equal protection of the plaintiffs.


Anti-gun activists have launched efforts across the state to stop gun shows at several state-owned fairgrounds. They have admitted that the “gun culture” is something they want to eliminate. NRA and CRPA members have fought back against the false accusations that guns shows promote violence and are not “family friendly.” NRA and CRPA volunteers, staff, and attorneys have written letters and showed up to board meetings.  The opposition to the ban far outweighs those who want to ban the gun shows.


Gun shows have been held at the Del Mar venue for more than 30 years, with no safety issues raised by local law enforcement or the Fair Board. In fact, the Fairground’s own head of security noted that the gun shows are operating in full compliance with the law and that there are no safety concerns with the show. Nonetheless, the Del Mar Fair Board bowed to the political pressure of anti-gun activists and gave in to those Board members with a particularly strong bias against the tens of thousands of individuals who attend these shows.


CRPA is joined in the case by B&L Productions, Inc., dba Crossroads of the West, the Second Amendment Foundation, South Bay Rod & Gun Club, Maximum Wholesale, dba Ammo Bros. and five private citizens. NRA is assisting in supporting the effort. Plaintiffs are represented by attorneys C. D. Michel, Anna M. Barvir and Tiffany D. Cheuvront with the law firm of Michel & Associates in Long Beach and attorney Donald Kilmer in San Jose.


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