NRA and CRPA Attorneys Submit Joint-Opposition Letter to DOJ Regarding 

DOJ’s Efforts to Expand Illegally Adopted “Assault Weapon” Definitions


While NRA and CRPA are battling for pro-gun candidates on election day, another battle is brewing in California over DOJ’s illegally adopted “assault weapon” definitions. As reported previously, DOJ is pressing forward with its efforts to expand the application of those definitions which are currently limited for purposes of registration. But today, NRA and CRPA attorneys submitted a comprehensive 34-page letter opposing this latest regulatory overstep by DOJ.

On October 19, DOJ first posted a notice regarding an amended Initial Statement of Reasons for DOJ’s proposed regulation seeking to expand the application of all the “assault weapon” definitions previously adopted for purposes of registration. But the changes to the Initial Statement of Reasons were not substantive in nature. Instead, DOJ simply added references for each of the definitions that purportedly show what DOJ relied upon in composing the chosen language for each definition.

NRA and CRPA’s joint-opposition letter address each of these references as applied to their respective definitions. What’s more, the letter highlights how DOJ has yet to respond to previously submitted comments that California’s Office of Administrative Law has also stated should be addressed.

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