Join the CRPA Volunteer Corps!

CRPA needs passionate volunteers in every California county to advance the CRPA / NRA mission to protect and defend the right to keep and bear arms.

CRPA’s local volunteers assist CRPA and NRA in many ways:

  • Organizing other local CRPA / NRA grassroots volunteers. There is strength in members!
  • Monitoring and participating in local campaigns or programs to support or oppose proposed local firearm ordinances.
  • Monitoring candidates for local office worthy of support or deserving opposition, and participating in candidate evaluations. This is a critical screening function!
  • Participating in election campaigns to support or oppose candidates and help get out the vote. We can make a difference in elections!
  • Monitoring efforts to restrict access to public lands for shooting or hunting and participating in campaigns to oppose these efforts. Environmental extremist groups want to close off public access to public lands and eliminate hunting!
  • Monitoring local media for news, opinions, or stories worthy of support or opposition. We need help making our voices heard!
  • Meeting with local law enforcement and other government agencies to advocate for the right to keep and bear arms. We stand with law enforcement but some police need educating about the value of the Second Amendment.
  • Supporting local ranges, firearm retailers, gun shows, and pro-RKBA businesses, and involving them in CRPA and NRA efforts.
  • Curating, generating and promoting articles and other content on social media and in local media. It’s easy, you can do this from your desk!

Downloadable Forms

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