CRPA is glad to be able to provide free event listings for groups across California that are holding club meetings, range events, training classes, political meetings, hunting events, and other events in support of the right to keep and bear arms and the shooting sports. For certain events, we can also do local email campaigns for your event, and offer other types of advertising opportunities to assist you in making your event a success. CRPA also sponsors its own events, and co-sponsors events across the state with other groups. Depending on availability, at some events CRPA can also offer volunteer assistance. Contact us at (714) 992-2772 if you are interesting in co-sponsoring an event with CRPA.

CRPA depends on clubs, associations, ranges and businesses to help CRPA’s membership and donor base grow so that CRPA can continue to expand and enhance all of its political, legislative, legal, and shooting / hunting programs. You can help us in the ongoing fight to preserve the RKBA by making CRPA brochures and information available at your facility, and by passing CRPANews bulletins along to your email subscriber base. CRPA has a no-cost Business Affiliate program that can help you do more to promote your business and engage your customers while promoting CRPA.

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Submit your event to the CRPA for posting. Please be sure to follow all directions when submitting a post. You may also submit your form by USPS Mail or Fax by clicking here.

Please Remember

  • You must answer all questions in their entirety for your event to be successfully listed.
  • Requests must be submitted two weeks in advance.

Event Policies

  • Our primary mission is to fight for your Second Amendment and Hunting Rights. Therefore, there is a slight possibility that we are booked at many locations on the same day due to high volume of event requests. If a difficulty arises, we will contact you.
  • External organizations, or members wishing to book CRPA spaces on behalf of external organizations, must contact the Events Department at (714) 992-2772 ext. 8756.
  • All events must comply with all other CRPA policies.
  • A charge will be imposed unless cancellations are communicated to the Events Department, and the Communications Department 24 hours in advance of your event. Your organization will be charged for any services that have already been performed for the event.
  • Clean-up is the responsibility of the sponsoring organizations. A charge will be assessed if this responsibility is not met.

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***Please know all event submissions are subject to editing. CRPA reserves the right not to post event submission.***