Sheepdog Seminar @ Mariners Church Huntington Beach
May 14 @ 8:00 am – 5:00 pm

In the beginning, our seminars addressed the issue of violence occurring on church and faith based property. They still do that, of course, but SO MUCH MORE…

Jimmy Meeks will give a presentation on the Three Pieces of Evidence that justify church safety practices. It has been said of his presentation that, “there has never been a stronger call to action.” 

Carl Chinn will walk you though what happened at the New Life Church tragedy (Colorado Springs, CO – December 2007). Several worshipers were shot; two precious sisters were killed. Carl also worked for Focus on the Family when, in 1996, a gunman entered that property and took several hostages – one of whom was Carl. He will share with you the priceless lessons learned from these tragedies.

Colonel Grossman will “zoom out” into all of society and talk about what it means to be a Sheepdog wherever one is – the church, the school, the mall, the theater – anywhere and everywhere. if you have heard him before, you know what we are talking about.

The Sheepdog Seminar is is a response to the violence that reeks havoc in our world. It calls upon the defenders to take their stand.

In a one day seminar it is impossible to impart all of the information that churches – and society as a whole – need in order to create a safe atmosphere for their communities. However, when you leave the Sheepdog Seminar, you will know exactly what you need to start doing.

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