The story of Jake Olsen, a California Department of Fish and Wildlife Officer, and his family is pretty amazing. Jake and his whole family moved to Paradise to support his dream of becoming a Wildlife Officer. His whole family moved to the area to support him. And then this week the Camp Fire happened.

Jake, his wife, and their four children lost their house.


Jake’s parents lost their house.


His wife’s parents lost their house. Her parent’s parents lost their house.


And his uncle lost his house.


Yes, five houses lost in total and all related to Warden Olsen. During the fire, Warden Olsen could not see his house until the morning after because he was helping evacuate the Feather River Hospital as part of his duty to this state.

The California Wildlife Officers Foundation ( has launched a GoFundMe effort to support of their mission to support Wildlife Officers and their families. With such a massive displacement, we ask you to do what you can to help.

Through a Principal fund CalWOF accomplishes its mission by providing grants in three specific areas:

1. Financial Assistance: Grants may be used to augment health benefits and provide aid to families of Wildlife Officers who are injured or fall in the line of duty or special circumstances. (Since the inception of the California Department of Fish and Wildlife in 1871, fifteen Wildlife Officers have lost their lives while protecting our state’s natural resources.)

2. Scholarships: Wildlife Officers and their family members may apply for financial assistance toward college (undergraduate and graduate) degrees and other continuing education programs. Learn more about our scholarship program.

3. Training and Safety Support: Foundation funds may assist Wildlife Officers in conducting studies and obtaining equipment or other resources (not available in their annual budget with the state) necessary for protecting wildlife and the environment.


Please consider contributing and sharing this via social media and with your members to encourage support.