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Friend and Board of Directors Member James “Jim” Ingram

  It is with a heavy heart that we must inform you that our friend and Board of Directors Member James “Jim” Ingram died unexpectedly on November 27, 2013. Jim practiced law in both Northern and Southern California and always enjoyed a spirited dispute. Jim was a director of...
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Poor, Black and Not-Violent

By C.D. Michel “Race don’t mean a damn when it comes to crime,” said a lily-white southern friend of mine. It is uncontestable that there is a great deal of violent crime by and against African-Americans in the United States. But my southern (Republican) friend who had lived part...
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CRPA Video Report – October 2013

“Hearing Ghosts of the Past” By K.E. Pack Kevin Pack was selected as the “Wildlife Artist of the Year” for 2013. After a lifetime of hunting, fishing and years spent photographing wildlife, Kevin has a significant understanding of his subjects, which he translates into his artwork. Mr. Pack has...
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The Not-So-Secret Agenda Behind AB 711

October 1, 2013 Earlier this week, twenty-one elected officials sent a letter to the Governor of California regarding Assembly Bill (AB) 711, one of a handful of firearms-related bills that has made it to the Governor’s desk this year.  AB 711, if signed into law by the Governor, will...
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