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  • gavin

    On October 15, California Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom held a carefully orchestrated press conference to trumpet his plan to place several draconian anti-gun-owner measures on the November 2016 California

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  • UPDATE: Scotts Valley

    Scotts Valley is Again Attempting to Drive Out Firearm Retailers   Anti-gun forces are back at work in Scotts Valley, California.  Following the August 19th defeat of a proposed ordinance that

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  • 2014 Pheasant Hunt Event @Raahauge's
    Warning for California Hunters!

    WARNING TO ALL CALIFORNIA HUNTERS: PHASE 1 OF THE STATEWIDE LEAD AMMUNITION BAN GOES INTO EFFECT JULY 1st A set of laws adopted in 2013 known as “AB 711” drastically expanded California’s restrictions

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  • Campus Carry, Not Scary

    05/19/2015 Why does California State Senator Lois Walk choose to be ignorant?  With her representing a college town you would hope otherwise. Wolk is campaigning to largely prevent the few folks with

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  • Sacramento Capitol
    2015 Bill Status Update

    03/09/2015 The Bill Status Update for Legislative Bills for the 2015 Legislative Session have been posted! Keep up to date with our page by clicking the 2015 Bill Status Update link underneath the Legislation

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  • CRPA LOGO - Improved 2013 Version
    2014 CRPA Bill Status Update

    2014 Bill Status Update   CRPA SUPPORT  CRPA OPPOSE  CRPA Watch Click the bill number for more information. Bills which are enrolled may go to the Governor for signature or veto at anytime before

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  • fr
    Field Report

    Greetings! I am pleased again to report that our field reports are progressing above our initial expectations. The second quarter of this year has demonstrated what an effective team of our Board of Directors,

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  • Field Report – New Shooters

    05/19/2015 CRPA Introducing New Shooters Statewide! You have a right to be proud of your California Rifle & Pistol Association!   CRPA is moving forward as promised with new and exciting opportunities

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  • Ashley and childs at event may 2
    Notes from the Field #1

    5/5/2015 CRPA is Everywhere! I am happy to report that the CRPA and its outstanding team of volunteers is promoting your organization and making an impact. They once again have proven why the CRPA has

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A Thank You From The Los Angeles Rifle & Revolver Club!

"I can't begin to tell you how much y'all improved my quality of life. If it wasn't for y'all and this team I don't know where I would

  • VA Golden Age Games
    Foundation gives to the VA Golden Age Games

    Fullerton, California - Not all the news about the Veterans Administration is bad these days. The California Rifle and Pistol Association and The CRPA Foundation are proud to partner with the Jerry L.

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  • Donate
    How to give to the Foundation

    The CRPA Foundation is a registered 501(c)3. Contributions to the CRPA Foundation are tax deductible to the extent allowable by law. (Consult a tax professional for specific advice on how such contributions

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  • CRPA Foundation logo
    About The CRPA Foundation

    The California Rifle and Pistol Association Foundation was formed in 2004 to help effectuate the goals of CRPA on behalf of its members. The CRPA Foundation is a tax exempt entity, incorporated under

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